Friday, April 29, 2005

Abortion - A Short Story

I'll try to post this every month or two to get my point across.

There was a woman Pennsylvania who would be getting married in several months. She and her fiance were living together and the woman discovered she was pregnant. This was not very important at the time, because the woman planned to get married.Unfortunately, her fiance became too distressed with the situation and didn't feel he was ready to get married and raise a child. The man left her, leaving the woman with a huge problem: a baby. The woman was left with only two financially possible options: have an abortion or put the baby up for adoption and wonder what happened to the child she never knew....

If the woman had an abortion, you would not be reading this article.

~Will Conway

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Blog For "America"

Just for the record, the website that takes up the name "Blog For America" has in the featured site section sixteen links which I will now categorize:

  • Five sites with the word "democrat" in the name.
  • O, again, O conservative sites
  • all the others are liberalish

Rename this site - "Blog For Liberals"

~Will Conway

Downloading Music - The Downside

After easily being able to illegally download music, there is another problem with buying your music off the internet. How do new songs become popular? Usually people buy CDs for one or two songs. Then they here the other ten and decide that they either like them or they don't. When you download songs, you only pick the ones you like, and don't really look at ones you haven't heard of.
Take Maroon 5 for example. They release the album "Songs About Jane" over a year ago. The song "Harder To Breath" became an instant hit. A little while later, "This Love" became well-known. Since then, other songs from that same album, such as "The Sun" and "Sunday Morning", have been on and off the air.
It is going to become very difficult for artists to release many songs at a time and make a profit. If people are only buying one or two out of twelve songs released at once, the other ten songs will get the artists nowhere.
Once record companies and musicians figure this out, I think they will begin to release a group of songs over a period of several months.
What's the downside in this? Well, in the short term, artists won't make much more money and a lot of songs that could have been hits later in their existence will be thrown out. Hopefully it won't be to long before a record company stumbles onto my site or figures this out on their own. In the long term, CDs will no longer be released, and music gurus will no longer be able to collect physical CDs anymore.

~Will Conway

Monday, April 04, 2005

Pope John Paul II Has Died - What Happens Next?

Pope John Paul II was one of the best popes in the history of the Roman Catholic Church. He has visited every continent except Antarctica and has traveled more than any other pope. He also was a major player in the fight against communism.
Unfortunately, he died at 9:37 PM this past Saturday at the age of 84. What happens to the Church now?
After a pope dies, the Cardinals, the next highest rank in the Church, meet in the conlave in the Vatican. One of them will ome out as the next pope. Within the conclave, the Cardinals elect the next pope. There are strict regulations to prevent a scewed election. These are a few:

  • no communication with the outside world before the next pope has been decided
  • no Cardinals over the age of 80 may be elected
  • Cardinals must win by a two-thirds majority; if that doesn't happen for thirty ballads, than it turns to just simple majority

There are speculations as to who the front-runners are in this election:

  • Giovanni Battista Re, a 67-year-old Italian
  • Claudio Hummes, 66, Archbishop of Sao Paulo in Brazil.
  • The Polish-born Zenon Grocholewski
  • And many others.

These potential Popes have good chances, however, they are gauranteed nothing.

~Will Conway

Monday, March 28, 2005

Terri Shiavo

People remove feeding tubes all the time. The only reason this ase is getting so much press is because the parents are continuously appealing. Now, personally, I don't know what to think about Terri's right to life, but the appeals have got to stop. There should be some limit to the number of appeals in one case, or something like this will happen; appeal after appeal for reasons the don't make sense.
Or maybe there should be some substantial reason or evidence for the appeal. For example, if new fingure prints are found in a case.
I don't know what to think about Terri's right to life, but she hasn't had food or water for eleven days, so it appears the whole situation is coming to a close.
I'm glad the whole case is ending, even though I don't know if I agree to Terri's .

~Will Conway
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